XOTcl - Extended Object Tcl

[What is XOTcl?]

Extended Object Tcl (for short: XOTcl, pronounced exotickle) is an object-oriented scripting language based on Tcl. It was originally designed for providing language support for design patterns and provides novel constructs such as filters or transitive mixin classes. The language is designed for empowering rather than constraining system developers. The basic object model is highly influenced by CLOS.

XOTcl is contained in the Industry-standard Tcl distribution ActiveTcl, which is available for several platforms, it is part of the Batteries Included Distribution for Mac OS X and it is shipped as part of the developer support for Mac OS X Tiger.

On this site you can find the following information:

  • Find a brief description of the XOTcl functionalities here: [What is XOTcl?]
  • A list of publications regarding XOTcl and related topics: [Publications]
  • The online manuals of XOTcl: [Manuals]
  • Some applications of XOTcl and some screen-shots: [Applications]
  • Download and installation guide: [Download]


To get informed about changes or new releases of XOTcl, or to discuss problems or new ideas with the XOTcl community you might wish to subscribe the XOTcl mailing list.
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